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The Resources You Need

You will find that many of our forms can be found on this site. Download a form and fill it out then fax, mail or upload it. Check out our FAQ Section also.

Be Proactive, Stay Informed

Make sure you're aware of any policy changes or requirements. Stay ahead of any deadlines that may effect your eligibility status. Check out Important Information below.

Important Notice:
MedExpress is Refusing to do Wellness Exams

Most MedExpress offices are refusing to do the wellness physicals. Members should contact Highmark member services at (1-866-594-1732) and they will assist them in scheduling a visit to a PCP. Also, they can contact 412 (DOCTORS) between 7 and 11 am and they will schedule them for a same day appointment.

Highmark has been trying to get this resolved but MedExpress's new owners, United Health Care have not been cooperative. Members will need to schedule their Wellness Physical with a PCP to meet their requirements in a timely manner.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Important Notice:
The Consent Decree is Ending June 2019.

Members who have been continuing to receive a course of treatment for a chronic or persistent medical condition with a UPMC physician can only receive this care from those UPMC providers at the in-network level of benefits through June 2019. That is when the Consent Decree between Highmark and UPMC will end. You should transition to Allegheny Health Network (AHN) providers to avoid all out-of-network costs.

Should you choose to continue to receive care from UPMC providers after the consent decree ends, you will be responsible for all costs associated with receiving this out-of-network care.

Frequestly Asked Questions... For addition Questions, please visit
Additionally, the Fund Office staff is always available to assist you.
Posted 4-30-2019


Complete your wellness requirements by September 30, 2019
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Posted 4-30-2019

Virtual Doctors Visit

From check-in to diagnosis, virtual doctor visits are designed to be comfortable and familiar, while being as simple as possible. How it works...
Posted 1-25-2019

Opioid Awareness

Learn about opioids, their misuse, and what can be done. Read More ...
Posted 10-17-2018

My Care Navigator

Our representatives can answer your questions and make finding a new health care provider easy.
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Posted 10-5-2018

Ready To Quit Tobacco

Learn what to do with the How to Be Tobacco-Free Program. Read More ...
Posted 8-8-2018

Member Discounts

Save on non-covered products and services. Read More ...
Posted 12-8-2017

Uncollected Benefits

If you or a relative of yours worked as a laborer during their lifetime they/you could be entitled to a pension benefit.
Learn More ...

Posted 6-8-2017

Avoid A $50 Co-Payment

Remember to use In-Network freestanding facilities for all your lab work and imaging services.
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Highmark is our current insurance carrier. Due to the Highmark-UPMC split, you should check on all your doctors, other service providers and facilities to determine if they are in-network. Visiting an out-of-network physician or facility will result in additional costs being billed directly to you for which you will be responsible. Avoid these extra expenses by using in-network providers. For assistance in determining if a provider is in Highmark's network, or to find an in-network provider use one of the following:
Customer Service:
myCare Navigator:

Annual Wellness Requirements Deadline For Members & Spouses

If You Are Eligible or Became Eligible Before:
June 30th of this year

  • All Wellness Requirements Are To Be Completed By:

    SEPTEMBER 30th for the In-Network Deductible to be waived next year.

Coordination of Benefits

Each year ALL Members must contact Highmark's dedicated Laborers' Customer Service Unit to provide insurance information. Read more ...


Credit Not Given For Unpaid Employer Contributions

Your employer must submit contributions on your behalf when reporting your hours in order for you to receive credit toward your Welfare benefits. You can verify your employer reporting anytime you like through your My Benefits Account.


Important Divorce Information

Remove your ex-spouse from your benefits as soon as your divorce is final. Ex-spouses are not entitled to coverage under your health benefits. Failing to remove them from your health insurance plan could result in you being responsible for any expenses incurred by them. Notify the Fund Office as soon as your Divorce Decree is issued.